Julander, Brown & Bollard is a business law partnership dedicated to serving the needs of businesses in Southern California. We trace our origins to 1988 where we have been centrally located in Orange County, California. Our attorneys regularly appear in matters throughout Southern California, in both state and Federal courts, and in Mexico. We focus our professional practice on solving disputes between businesses and business related disputes between individuals. Our international work ranges across a broad spectrum of activities in Latin America, including breach of contract, fraud, product liability, environmental matters, import/export, foreign corrupt practice act areas, and criminal matters.

Each of our clients is very important to the success of Julander, Brown & Bollard. Whether we are representing a Fortune 500 corporation, a family owned business, or an individual, our aim is to do everything we are able to ensure we will always be the legal resource each client will turn to when the need arises. Our representative clients include: Sealed Air Corporation (US), Metalclad Insulation Corporation, Duplo U.S.A. Corporation, WET Design, American Services, Inc., Playmates Toys, Inc., Coto Valley Community Club, RHC Communities, Xtension Technologies, Inc., Pacific Spectrum Corporation, Procom Technology, Millennium Transportation, Divers Discount Supply, EPar Software Technologies, Inc., Veterinary Pet Services, Inc., Tycom Corporation and South Fork Furniture Designs.



The litigation process often extends beyond the trial court. Whether defending a victory or challenging errors, JBB attorneys have extensive experience in appellate courts handling extraordinary writs, interlocutory appeals and final appeals to ensure that our clients obtain the ends of justice. Our consideration of the appellate process begins at the commencement of any litigation and continues throughout the case as we formulate and manage the record and as we develop and implement legal theories during and after trial. This proactive approach can result in cost savings and legal benefits to our clients.

Working in partnership with our clients, our attorneys provide the necessary legal and practical advice that clients need before making the decision to commit additional resources to appeal a decision. Once the choice is make to appeal a decision, our attorneys then have the skills, knowledge and experience to provide exceptional representation and argument before the appellate courts.


JBB attorneys have significant experience in the representation of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings. We often represent companies targeted by the debtor or bankruptcy estate in complex matters. These litigation matters have involved claims of lender liability, avoiding action claims, breach of fiduciary duty, licensing, and intellectual property issues, and have addressed issues involving contract, corporate, real property, labor, and numerous other areas of the law. The firm has secured an impressive number of judgments and extremely favorable settlements in such actions.


We are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services to individuals and companies primarily doing business in Latin America, Europe and elsewhere. Our attorneys have handled high-profile matters involving U.S. citizens who were hopelessly mired in foreign legal systems (please see featured media links). We also provide legal services for international clients seeking to do business in the U.S. in the following areas: corporate planning and formation, real estate transactions, business transactions and agreements, business immigration and temporary visas, intellectual property and international business planning. We also work with affiliates who can provide legal expertise in tax planning and compliance as well as estate planning. Members of our firm are fluent in Spanish, Japanese and Portuguese.


Litigation provides a remarkable education—in retrospect. We work very hard with our clients to ensure that the opportunity for such an education is minimized in favor of prospective planning and counseling. JBB attorneys work collaboratively with clients to find ways to minimize risk and prevent potential problems before they arise. As we develop an understanding of our client’s business, we are able to provide an independent perspective and comprehensive analysis of potential problems.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” - Benjamin Franklin


Business dissolutions invariably give rise to disagreements, sometimes highly emotional disagreements, on key issues such as asset distribution, intellectual property rights, and the relative value of each individual partner's or member's interest in the company. While many of these business dissolution issues can be solved through negotiation or alternative dispute methods such as mediation, many others cannot.

Our attorneys have represented numerous diverse clients in business dissolution disputes which has given us a unique perspective not found at most business law firms. This, in turn, has allowed the firm to take a more comprehensive approach to resolving these disputes than typically considered and to provide real value to its clients in terms of cost, efficiency and overall effectiveness.

JBB attorneys advise and represent owners of all sizes of corporations, LLCs and partnerships in all business dissolution disputes. Much of this work involves representing business clients in State and Federal courts throughout the country. The firm has substantial experience in the alternative dispute resolution venues of arbitration and mediation as well.


Employment issues and litigation pervade the business environment today with constantly changing rules and regulations. In response, JBB attorneys have built an extensive employment litigation practice in the state and federal courts and before governmental agencies, including the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, and the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing. We regularly represent employers in response to charges, investigations and litigation involving discrimination and harassment claims. Our employment discrimination litigation practice runs the gamut from straightforward disparate treatment cases to class action lawsuits and other cases raising novel theories or posing the risk of substantial verdicts. We also defend administrative actions and civil litigation where property management firms are charged with housing discrimination.

Wrongful termination and related claims arising out of the employment relationship continue to proliferate in California. Tort and contract theories appear regularly in wrongful discharge cases and are often pled in sexual harassment actions as well. Intentional infliction of emotional distress and other related tort theories often accompany title vii and other civil rights claims. As a major focus of our practice JBB attorneys have significant experience handling such litigation.


JBB attorneys regularly represent clients in real property disputes in both State and Federal courts and before arbitration panels. Moreover, when our clients' real estate interests intersect with other areas of law, we leverage our expertise in other practice areas to help them achieve their objectives. Our extensive practice in litigating disputes arising out of real estate transactions include:
• Disputes concerning purchase agreements
• Real property development disputes
• Disputes with real estate agents and brokers
• Structural defects of the property
• Easement disputes
• Construction flaws and design defects
• Quiet title disputes
• Partition actions
• Landlord-tenant dispute


JBB attorneys have considerable experience in a wide range of complex business disputes, which we approach with an emphasis on exceptional work product and creative problem solving. We understand the importance of each matter we are privileged to handle for our client whether they entail typical contract disputes or “bet the business” litigation. We believe that our record of success speaks for itself.

Our clients call upon us to defend or to prosecute claims representing businesses in both trial and appellate advocacy in State, Federal and administrative forums. We have the expertise to provide strategic litigation counsel in a variety of commercial litigation areas, including:

• Business torts, including fraud, embezzlement, unfair competition, interference with prospective economic advantage, misappropriation of trade secrets, and unfair trade practices.
• Real property disputes, including breach of real property contracts, specific performance, property development issues, broker liability, non-disclosure issues and title insurance claims.
• Product liability, including negligent design or manufacture, breach of warranty, strict liability, and complex case coordination.
• Construction law disputes, including mechanics liens, land use, homeowner association litigation, and construction defect claims.
• Intellectual property claims and litigation.
• Uniform commercial code disputes.
• Partnership and limited liability company disputes.
• Corporate matters, including, securities fraud, takeover litigation, shareholder derivative suits, corporate opportunities, vicarious liability and class action litigation.
• Financial institution litigation and wrongful foreclosure litigation.


The value of a company’s intellectual property rights often exceeds its hard assets. Protecting those rights and overcoming claims of infringement by other companies is extraordinarily important to our clients. Our attorneys excel at developing winning strategies and solutions in high-stakes technology disputes, including patent, trademark, licensing, trade secret and copyright matters. Our clients are innovators that range from strong middle-market companies to large public enterprises. We are trial lawyers. From the moment we are retained in an intellectual property dispute, we begin to develop a case for trial and a path to victory. This approach provides our clients with the best opportunity to settle advantageously or to prevail in the merits if a trial is necessary.


Trade secrets are critical assets essential to the continued success of our clients. We have made trade secret protection a core part of our practice wherein JBB attorneys have developed extensive experience and expertise in protecting trade secrets of all kinds against misappropriation. We have successfully handled trade secret cases from complex technology to customers’ lists. This extensive experience is also at hand when our clients are wrongfully accused misappropriation. We have successfully worked with well-established businesses to startup companies where the very existence of the company is at risk. A significant part of our success has come as we have developed creative ways to protect our clients’ trade secrets during the litigation process itself, an issue often overlooked by other counsel. JBB attorneys handle:
• Trade secret misappropriation claims
• Litigation over non-disclosure agreements
• Litigation over non-competition agreements between partners, joint ventures, and employees
• Breach of fiduciary duty claims
• Embezzlement and employee dishonesty-related claims


  • Dirk O. Julander
  • William C. Bollard
  • Richard L. Brown
  • Catherine A. Close
  • Dustin M. Monroe
  • Andrea W. S. Paris


  • Carol J. Collins
  • Dorys C. Duran Hobday
  • Kevin Haitt
  • Elizabeth A. Lewis
  • Deborah K. Richie
  • Gabriela Sevilla
  • Ashley Zill


William C. Bollard is an experienced trial lawyer, arbitrator and mediator who has successfully tried to verdict complex business matters in both state and federal courts. He specializes in business litigation. He also has extensive international experience.



Richard L. Brown has broad experience in all types of commercial litigation, including professional liability, employment, contract disputes, financial institutions and trade secret litigation.



Dirk O. Julander is a seasoned trial attorney of over 25 years who focuses his attention on a business litigation practice. His practice areas emphasize creative problem solving in connection with complex commercial litigation, business fraud and embezzlement litigation, trade secret misappropriation litigation, corporate and partnership dissolution litigation and counseling, real estate litigation, and appellate advocacy. He focuses on unconditional excellence in all aspects of the litigation process including legal research and writing, oral advocacy before the courts, and negotiation strategies and execution.



Andrea W. S. Paris is an experienced counselor and litigator who has represented private and public entity clients in a variety of civil litigation matters. She specializes in employment law and business litigation.



Catherine A. Close is an experienced trial lawyer, participating in the trials of complex business matters in both state and federal courts. She specializes in business litigation.



Dustin M. Monroe is an experienced commercial litigator who has practiced in both State and Federal courts. Mr. Monroe’s practice areas include real estate litigation, contract litigation, professional liability, intellectual property, employment litigation, and dissolution of corporations.



Ashley Zill is a recent addition to the Julander, Brown & Bollard team as an office administrator. She has over 10 years of experience in administrative operational functions including accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable and reception. Ms. Zill’s personable and outgoing personality provide Julander, Brown & Bollard’s clients a ready resource for information and maintaining consistent communications with the firms attorneys and paralegals.



Carol J. Collins joined Julander, Brown & Bollard in May 2007 as our office manager. Ms. Collins is an integral part of Julander, Brown & Bollard. She has over 25 years of experience in office management and accounting. She is entrusted with many core responsibilities including accounting, HR, payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable. Ms. Collins works closely with Julander, Brown & Bollard’s clients helping them with any accounting questions that they may have and providing information when needed.



Deborah K. Ritchie has worked for Julander, Brown & Bollard as a civil litigation paralegal since its formation in 1998 specializing in construction litigation, discovery and document control. She has worked in the legal industry since 1982 for both large and small firms, with extensive experience in the areas of civil practice, construction, collection litigation, and loan modifications. Deb continues to expand her knowledge and experience through research and seminars.



Dorys C. Duran-Hobday is an experienced civil litigation paralegal with 8 years of practice in the field. She joined Julander, Brown & Bollard in January 2009 as a paralegal for Dirk O. Julander. She has worked in the legal field since 2005 and has experience in both state and federal courts.



Gabriela Sevilla joined Julander, Brown & Bollard as a paralegal in January 2012 for William C. Bollard and Richard L. Brown. Ms. Sevilla’s practice experience is focused in products liability, employment litigation, real estate litigation, litigation in bankruptcy court and appellate advocacy before the California Court of Appeal. She specializes in document control, discovery and trial preparation.



Kevin Hiatt is a paralegal and technical assistant who joined Julander, Brown & Bollard in 2010. His caseload is primarily focused on complex business and intellectual property litigation in both State and Federal courts. Mr. Hiatt specializes in handling deposition and trial preparation relating to complex technical matters, expert consultant collaboration, and document management. His technical experience includes subjects such as stereochemistry, electrical and mechanical engineering, information technology, nutraceuticals, quality control, and statistics. He is also Six Sigma certified.



Elizabeth A. Lewis has worked for Julander, Brown & Bollard as a civil litigation paralegal since its formation in 1998 specializing in trial preparation, discovery and document control. She has worked in the legal industry since 1984 for both large and small firms, with extensive experience in the areas of civil practice, employment law, medical malpractice, and complex litigation. Liz continues to expand her knowledge and experience through research and seminars.




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